The auditorium can seat around 550 people with opportunity for more by the lifting of the side roller doors.It has three video projectors, a sound system which can also be heard from outside areas and the dining room, and some stage lighting.It has a selection of plastic and padded seating, an evaporative air con and roof fans for summer

Dining Room

The dining room can seat around 150 people for meals. It can also be used as a meeting room or games room.It has a sound system and projector which can be used for meeting, announcements, movies or music.It has a combustion fire for winter and an evaporative air con and roof fans for summer.


Camp Wattle Grove has a commercial kitchen and wash house alongside the dining room. The air conditioned kitchen contains a walk in fridge and freezer, large electric oven, gas hotplates etc.

Caravans & Tents

Unfortunately we cannot offer this facility at this time.  

Alternative caravan parks in the area are Crystal Brook Caravan Park, Advent Park, Banksia Caravan Park and Discovery Holiday Park

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is available between October and May each year. 

Camp Kitchen

The camp kitchen has kitchen facilities, BBQ hotplate, microwave, fridge, sink, and covered sitting area with tables and chairs.



Camp Wattle Grove has three in-ground trampolines which are suitable for people of all ages up to 100kg in weight.



The childrens playground is made up of various play equipment and is a popular area for children along with the in-ground trampolines.


The oval is near the entrance to the property and has a concrete cricket pitch in the centre of it.

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